Clint Ridley to Return to The Ridley Report on Tuesday, January 3!

kbhb(Sturgis, SD) – KBHB Radio Cattle Market Analyst Clint Ridley announced this morning that he plans to return to the airwaves on Tuesday, January 3.   Two years ago, Ridley, now 35, was referred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester after a large mass was discovered on his brain.  The rancher, cattle buyer, broadcaster and member of the multi-generational St. Onge Ridley’s,  soon found himself undergoing emergency surgery, followed by several weeks in intensive care and many months of continued radiation, chemotherapy and rehab.

Clint had been the host of a popular radio program called The Ridley Report, that airs three times daily on The Big 81, KBHB.  The programs are a mix of market analysis, news and commentary.  For the past two years, other radio station personnel have filled-in for Ridley, while he recovered from the traumatic health scare.   KBHB has continued to promote the show as The Ridley Report in his absence. “This is Clint Ridley’s radio show,” explained HomeSlice President, Dean Kinney, whose firm owns and operates the station, “we’ve just been covering it the best we can, hoping that one day Clint could take it over again. The decision was, and is, entirely his.”

Clint Ridley“God saved me, no doubt about it,” remarked Ridley, one recent afternoon while sitting in Kinney’s office.  “I was always a person of faith, but not like now.  I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, so it has been hard to know when to attempt the show again.  I just know I owe it to God, my wife, my family and all the friends that have supported me through this to be the best me I can be.  I want to do this report again and if it’s not perfect right away, so be it.”

Kinney says while The Ridley Report will continue to air three times per day, Clint will host only the 12:40PM report for now.  “Clint has always felt the 12:40 was the most important and he and I agree that we just need to start and see where it goes.   After all it’s just a radio show, it doesn’t define who Clint Ridley is.  He’s home, happy and alive.  That’s the miracle.  This is just a bonus.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a big smile on my face right now just thinking about him being on the air again.”

The current plan is for Clint Ridley to anchor his first Ridley Report in almost two years at 12:40 Tuesday January 3.