kbhb(Sturgis, SD) – KBHB Radio Cattle Market Analyst Clint Ridley announced this morning that he plans to return to the airwaves on Tuesday, January 3.   Two years ago, Ridley, now 35, was referred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester after a large mass was discovered on his brain.  The rancher, cattle buyer, broadcaster and member of the multi-generational St. Onge Ridley’s,  soon found himself undergoing emergency surgery, followed by several weeks in intensive care and many months of continued radiation, chemotherapy and rehab.

Clint had been the host of a popular radio program called The Ridley Report, that airs three times daily on The Big 81, KBHB.  The programs are a mix of market analysis, news and commentary.  For the past two years, other radio station personnel have filled-in for Ridley, while he recovered from the traumatic health scare.   KBHB has continued to promote the show as The Ridley Report in his absence. “This is Clint Ridley’s radio show,” explained HomeSlice President, Dean Kinney, whose firm owns and operates the station, “we’ve just been covering it the best we can, hoping that one day Clint could take it over again. The decision was, and is, entirely his.”

Clint Ridley“God saved me, no doubt about it,” remarked Ridley, one recent afternoon while sitting in Kinney’s office.  “I was always a person of faith, but not like now.  I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, so it has been hard to know when to attempt the show again.  I just know I owe it to God, my wife, my family and all the friends that have supported me through this to be the best me I can be.  I want to do this report again and if it’s not perfect right away, so be it.”

Kinney says while The Ridley Report will continue to air three times per day, Clint will host only the 12:40PM report for now.  “Clint has always felt the 12:40 was the most important and he and I agree that we just need to start and see where it goes.   After all it’s just a radio show, it doesn’t define who Clint Ridley is.  He’s home, happy and alive.  That’s the miracle.  This is just a bonus.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a big smile on my face right now just thinking about him being on the air again.”

The current plan is for Clint Ridley to anchor his first Ridley Report in almost two years at 12:40 Tuesday January 3.

chris hornick director of digital media

Chris Hornick, Director of Digital Media at HomeSlice, speaks with KEVN TV about the Rapid Digital Summit.

(Rapid City, SD) Hundreds of people representing Black Hills-area businesses converged at the Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza in Rapid City yesterday for the Rapid Digital Summit, a testament to the importance every small business now places on digital advertising and marketing. The two symposium sessions were led by HomeSlice Media subsidiary Rapid Digital Solutions, the only Google Partner in western South Dakota. In addition to the HomeSlice team, four Google executives flew into Rapid City for the event, spending the week with the leadership team, account executives, and clients of Rapid Digital Solutions.

Chris Hornick, Digital Media Director at HomeSlice Media Group, started off the day with a presentation titled “Reaching Your 1%.” Hornick primarily focused on effective ways to utilize social media platforms to reach and interact with highly targeted customers. He also shared compelling statistics, such as Facebook’s stunning 1.7 billion users, including 83,000 users in the Black Hills region alone. Next was an entertaining media mix seminar provided by Brian Maruska, the Digital Sales Director at Rapid Digital Solutions. Maruska walked the group through a series of facts and myths about both traditional and digital media before demonstrating how businesses can effectively use both to achieve marketing objectives.

Rapid Digital Summit 2016 Rapid City

Hundreds attend the Rapid Digital Summit October 27 in Rapid City.

The keynote speaker was Google’s Josh Weum with the comprehensive “Business Development in a Digital Age” workshop. The wide-ranging seminar included strategies for each of the four game-changing levels of a “micro-moment,” defined by Weum as “an intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, go, do, or buy.” He also regaled the audience with cutting edge products that are just now coming onto market, including Click to Message Ads and the YouTube Director for Business app. Later, Weum introduced two co-workers in his Tempe, AZ Google office: Richard Rondon and Jaurex Vasquez, explaining the pair worked directly with HomeSlice Media’s Rapid Digital Solutions. Weum added that Google has these direct, personal relationships with only 5% of the agencies in the United States, and that HomeSlice is the only Google Partner in western South Dakota.

Google Partner Speakers

Google and HomeSlice Media/Rapid Digital Solutions answer questions from the audience following the Summit. (Pictured, left to right) Josh Weum, Jaurex Vasquez and Richard Rondon with Google, Brian Maruska and Chris Hornick of HomeSlice/Rapid Digital Solutions.

Chris Hornick said he was pleased with the day. “I can’t thank our Google Partners enough for their ongoing guidance and friendship. We don’t take for granted the financial and time investment to fly up and spend the week here. I also want to thank all of the businesspeople who took time out of their busy schedules to come,” Hornick continued, “as well as everyone in our digital unit, event department, and radio stations who came together to make it a great day. And I can’t forget the Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza. Everyone at the hotel made it a stress-free day. They executed perfectly.”

HomeSlice is said to be in talks with Google about a Black Hills Tourism-based Summit in early 2017.

rapid digital summit


Chris Hornick
Director of Digital Media

Brian Maruska
Digital Sales Manager

murdocRAPID CITY, SD – HomeSlice Media Group announced this morning that its long-time Business Development head, Brad “Murdoc” Jurgensen, has been promoted to the newly-created position of “General Sales Manager” of the media and entertainment conglomerate. HomeSlice Vice President MaryAnne Whittle said the 35-year-old Jurgensen will oversee the sales efforts of the 6-station radio cluster, the digital agency (Rapid Digital Solutions), full-service advertising agency and HomeSlice Concerts & Events. “Murdoc brings high energy, charisma and creativity to everything he does,” commented HomeSlice CEO Dean Kinney. “He knows this business, and our culture in particular, so he can hit the ground running. It feels like just the catalyst we need for the next step in our aggressive growth plan.”

“One of the things that made this an easy choice for us,” Whittle added, “is that Murdoc has been successful on many sides of the media business. Notably, he has been a programmer and on-air personality, so he fully understands our commitment to ‘Live & Local,’ he has managed other sales organizations and was an early adopter of digital and emerging media.”

Whittle said the reorganization was partially due to the long-planned, semi-retirement of Michael Goodroad, who has been the Director of Sales for the Rapid City radio group for nearly twenty years. Goodroad, a legendary 40-year industry veteran, was inducted into the South Dakota Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2016, a year in which he was also awarded the coveted “Silver Medal” by the Black Hills Advertising Federation. While specific details are not being released at this time, Whittle said Goodroad will assume a part-time, executive suite position within the company in early 2017.

About HomeSlice Media Group:

The HomeSlice Group is a conglomerate of media and entertainment businesses operating primarily in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The company owns and operates six radio stations in the Rapid City DMA, a digital marketing unit, an artist management firm, a full-service advertising agency and a bar/restaurant and live entertainment venue.  HomeSlice was formed in 1994 and has a history steeped in the concert business, currently producing or managing talent for more than 500 shows per year across 12 states.

Its market-leading cluster of radio stations includes KAT Country 98.7, Hot 93.1, 93.9 The Mix, 100.3 The Fox, Smash Hits KKLS, and KBHB – The Big 81.  The newest addition to the HomeSlice Media portfolio is Rapid Digital Solutions, the premier digital media agency in western South Dakota.

The company is the world-wide exclusive Licensing Agent of the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ and also operates a year-round bar/restaurant and live music venue, the Loud American Roadhouse.  HomeSlice is one of the largest media/entertainment employers in the region with primary offices in both Rapid City and Sturgis, South Dakota.