It’s the New Roadhouse on Kat Country 98.7!

Amy joins D. Ray Knight on the Black Hills’ only live and local country morning show, featuring segments like, “Ask Amy,” “Master Criminal File,” and “Those Hollywood Types.” Listeners can also tune in for contests, guests, and even an occasional celebration of all things Canadian. Catch the mayhem every weekday morning 6 to 10 on Kat Country 98.7!

Returning to his Black Hills radio home after an 8-year stint as the head writer for the syndicated American Comedy Network, D. Ray Knight can now be heard every weekday morning on The Roadhouse. D. Ray was raised in Rapid City, and, after several attempts to get away, he finally realized what a gem the Black Hills truly is and now permanently calls it home. D. Ray has worked in radio in Baltimore and San Diego, performed stand-up all over the country, and has appeared on Comedy Central. He’s done some acting (sort of) and famously planned the D-Day invasion of 1944—and only one of those things is a total lie!

Amy was born in Sturgis, SD and grew up in Tucson, AZ. After returning to South Dakota for college, Amy decided to follow a career in music and ended up in Tennessee, where she found radio. She worked as a radio co-host, but later left to pursue her passion for health and fitness, becoming a personal trainer. In 2012, Amy returned to South Dakota, landing at Regional Health. After doing voice work and public speaking for the company, she realized she belonged back in radio. Now, you can find her on KOUT 98.7 on The Roadhouse, as well as KKMK 93.9 The Mix.