HomeSlice Artist Management Vice President, Shane Funk, announced this morning that the firm has signed Sioux Falls-based pop artist, Denham, to its roster.

Denham is a South Dakota native and comes from a family of music educators. He attended college at North Dakota State University, studying criminal justice. In early 2017, Denham relocated to Sioux Falls to pursue his career in music. He has since built an impressive following in Eastern South Dakota and North Dakota. The talented singer-songwriter and front man has taken his passion on the road, carving a path for a new genre in South Dakota and beyond. Denham just finished a national support tour in November with Mayday, and will be touring again in Spring/Summer 2020.

“I have the unique opportunity to be totally immersed in live music, locally, regionally and on a national level.” Shane Funk commented, “When I saw Denham perform for the first time I knew he had something special, but when I actually had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him I was totally blown away! It’s so rare to find that combination of over-the-top talent, ambition, and pure enthusiasm as an artist.” Funk continued, “Denham has a non-assuming, down-to-earth attitude and doesn’t take anything or anyone for granted. You just don’t see that very often in what’s a very demanding and sometimes cynical business.”

Andy Young, HomeSlice Artist Development Director echoed Funk’s sentiment “Denham’s passion, drive and work ethic as a musician is contagious. You can’t help but find yourself wanting to help him grow as an artist, and I’m excited for the opportunity to do just that.”

Denham started his musical career playing bass in cover bands and then found his way into songwriting and original music. In the past year he has not only cemented a following in the Midwest, but has also performed coast-to-coast. He feels ready for the next stage in his career, “I feel I am prepared now, more than ever, to take my career to the next level. And I am grateful for the opportunity to grow with such honest, transparent, and hardworking people.”

Hornick Promoted to VP at HomeSlice

Longtime Rapid Digital Solutions Leader is Now Vice President of Digital Media

(Rapid City, SD)  – MaryAnne Whittle, Senior Vice President of HomeSlice Media Group, announced this morning that Chris Hornick has been promoted to Vice President of Digital Media for the Black Hills-based conglomerate.  “Chris isn’t just a leader at HomeSlice, he is an industry leader in the digital space,” Whittle commented. “He is innovative, thoughtful and has a keen sense of what is next. “ 

In the newly-created position, Hornick’s responsibilities will include oversight of Rapid Digital Solutions, the leading digital agency in the region, as well as the digital efforts for all of the HomeSlice family brands and the diversified portfolio of agency clients and artists.  “Digital is the fastest growing arm of our business,” Hornick explained. “Every brand we manage, ours and those of our clients, is totally immersed in digital media. Literally every brand and business has to invest in digital at some level to succeed in the future. We have great people here and a commitment from our C-suite that we will grow this part of our business.  We’ll find and retain the best talent and expand, particularly in video.”  

“Sometimes an organization can really struggle to find the right person for a big position,” said company CEO Dean Kinney.  “And then sometimes it is a no-brainer. This is the latter. Chris sort of started doing the job before we even knew it was a job.  When we decided to get a more formal structure for how we operate, we didn’t have to spend much time on this one. He’s also a great friend and a terrific human being.”  

Chris and his wife, Sara, live in Rapid City with their young children Lucy and Jesse.  The Hornick’s are deeply involved in the community and helping to make the Black Hills an even better place to live. 


bryan lowereeFormer 32 Below Frontman Signs with HomeSlice Artist Management

(Fargo, ND) –  HomeSlice Artist Management Vice President, Shane Funk, announced this morning that the firm has signed former 32 Below frontman, Bryan Loweree, to its roster as he embarks on a solo country music career.   Loweree is currently finishing up the summer tour with 32 Below and his last date with the band will be at The Windbreak in Fargo on September 14. 

Loweree, a California and North Dakota native, has been performing in the upper Midwest for the last seven years, primarily with the well-known regional success, 32 Below.  “I love that band and will always hold it high in my heart,” he said, “but now is the time for me to really explore my soul as a singer – songwriter and forge my own path. The team at HomeSlice has my back.  I find comfort in knowing they believe in what I have to offer.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to start my solo career with my friends at HomeSlice.” 

“I’ve been here eighteen years and I think I can count on one hand the number of artists we have pursued,” Shane Funk commented, “We believe in super-serving a highly select number of clients.  But when someone like Bryan Loweree decides he is going to launch a solo career, that makes you pay attention.”   Funk said this project has the luxury of focusing on original music.  “It sounds funny, but often times in the day-to-day of this business, booking shows, playing shows, going to meetings, doing press, a person lets the music almost become the junior partner.  That isn’t going to be the case, here.  Bryan has songs, is writing songs and will be writing with others.  Loweree quickly agreed, “I’m going to record music I believe in and then take my guitar and go play it for anyone who will listen,” he said. “I think I have something to say that people will relate to.” 

HomeSlice’s Andy Young, himself the lead guitarist for Judd Hoos, will play a major role in working with Bryan.  “The guy has a presence about him and demands a crowd.  He’s the life of any party, on or off the stage,” said Young, “but it will be his talent and drive that sets him apart.  We’re really looking forward to this.” 

The 33-year-old Loweree started his musical career playing drums at the age of 10.  Since then he has performed in bars, amphitheaters, stadiums and has charted original music on iTunes.  Along the way he was also the kicker at Jamestown College and has recently become a pilot.   “Knowing I have the 100% support of my wife, Brittney, gave me the courage to fly airplanes and chase my dreams in every way.  I owe everything to her.” Loweree said.